Import full transaction

Hi folks,

I’m new to Tiller, and I’m trying to import my full transaction history from my various linked institutions. However, Tiller seems to only pull the last 90-ish days.

How do I get Tiller to automatically import all my transactions from my financial institutions?


@money ,

Please see below as to how to manually bring in more than 90 days. You can go back as far as your financial institution goes back. You can pull from Mint and Personal Capital too. The article mentions transaction data but not balance data. Your financial institution might provide balance data; if not you can easily create it and manually import it in so your net worth calculations are more accurate.



Cool. At first, I was confused why Tiller doesn’t simply pull all the transactions to begin with. But, having just meticulously labeled 3 months of transactions, I see why that’d be a PIA :slight_smile:

Random aside: Manually labeling your transactions really makes you a thoughtful consumer. I’m a huge fan of Tiller so far!