Importing 20k records CSV records into Excel

I have created a CSV file of my 20,000 historcial transactions in Mint where I’ve managed to include all of the visible fields that I see within the ‘Transactions’ worksheet in Tiller’s Foundation Excel sheet:

Account #
Check Number
Full Description
Date Added
Categorized Date

How do I add these 20,000 records into the transaction worksheet? I’ve taken care to ensure that all historical records’ categories match existing Tiller categories that I’ve set up. is ther an esy way to just copy these records into the Tiller Foundations spreadsheet?

I also have the Mint exported CSV files if that’s better for any reason.

Any advice or a step by step procedure on how to import these 20,000 records in?

I just found apost that says "the CSV import process which is well-documented in the article How to Manually Import Your Bank Data . Is this a good way to go?

When I imported mine a couple years ago I created a blank sheet and used the Excel “From Text/CSV” tool to import everything. I then rearranged the columns so they matched the order of the Foundation Template columns, adding any that were missing, deleting any that were unneeded. Once my column layout matched that of the Foundation Template, I simply copy/pasted the data into the Transactions sheet and everything was happy.