Importing Fidelity transactions

My Tiller Cash Flow Excel spreadsheet only picked up my Fidelity transactions from Feb/2023 on. I need the January transactions input into the spreadsheet. Is there a process for importing directly from a downloaded Fidelity CVS file into my spreadsheet? If so, can someone point me to the process?

I don’t necessarily mind having to manually enter each one, except there are over 100 of them. Hope you can help me.

Replying to my own question. I found a process to get the data from the CVS file into the Tiller spreadsheet. It’s not very refined, but it works well. Happy to relate, if anyone is interested.

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Often with one-off migrations, the work is pretty manual (e.g. import as a new sheet, apply formatting, rearrange columns to match column order in Transactions, delete unneeded data, etc.) before the consequential copy paste operation. There are some helpful line-item and CSV workflows in the Show & Tell threads if you are frequently making the same data import.

Glad to hear you figured it out.