Importing Google Pay Activity

I was wondering if there is an import (other than straight csv) process customized for Google Pay transactions.


I don’t believe there is anything besides csv for that. I’m wondering what’s it’s usefulness would be though, since you can import the transactions via the cards that are linked to Google Pay. For example, I have my AMEX linked to my Google Pay, so Google Pay is used when I buy groceries, but those transactions are imported from AMEX.

I really don’t do many CC payments using google pay.

My use case: I receive some regular cash payments from my kids ( cell phone eg) that I would like to track for historical purposes.

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great question. i have some cash that comes in that way, too, and i’d love to track it.

Ahh, I haven’t used Google Pay that way, but it makes sense now why you’d want to capture those transactions. Googling around, there sure doesn’t appear to be a way to capture that data. The closest thing is using Takeout to download your Google Pay data, which I’m sure won’t produce something that Tiller can easily import.