Importing quicken file into excel via tiller

Hi Guys,
I am new to Tiller here and was a heavy user of Quicken and Mint. I have been frustrated with Quicken connectivity issues and lack of flexibility with reporting. Tiller excel based reporting has been great for me so far. I have some questions which I would appreciate a reply.

  1. Is there a way I can import my quicken file to tiller via excel? What is the best way to to do it?
  2. The one good thing with quicken and mint was the ability to automatically assign categories based on the description. Even though it was not perfect, it gave a starting point for me. With Tiller the new Autocat feature is great but we have to manually code rules for transactions with all brands like dunkin donuts, starbucks and all retail stores. Is there a starting template from Autocat with excel which I can use for this?

Good questions, @buyan47, and glad to hear you are liking the service.

  1. We don’t have an automated workflow to import from Quicken to Excel but the steps are pretty easy. Essentially, you just need to export your Quicken data as a CSV, import it into a new Excel worksheet, reorder the columns so they match your Tiller Transactions sheet, then cut and paste at bottom. Here are some instructions that might be helpful, especially for the Quicken export.

  2. Unfortunately, since most users’ Autocat rules are personalized to their spending and categories, we don’t have a starter set of Autocat rules. Personally, I’ve found that building rules for the bulk of my most frequent transactions is less time consuming that one might think. In ten minutes, you can create 20 rules that will do most of the heavy lifting with your frequent payees. If you don’t care to use your own personal categories, you can add a column to your Transactions sheet with the header “Category Hint” and future transactions will fill with a category assigned by our data provider (i.e. from their set of categories, not from your Categories sheet). You might find this directional information helpful.

Welcome and good luck.

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