Improperly Charged

Dear Tiller Team,

When I first took a look at your software I chose not to use it as I did not want to connect my bank accounts. A representative reached out to me informing me that I did not have to connect my account, but I had found another software product to meet my needs in the meantime. The representative assured me he would cancel my trial and that I would not be billed. However, today I received noticed that you have charged $79 to my credit card. Unless you immediately reverse the charge, I will dispute it with the bank and you can deal with the black mark on your account.

Since there is no other method by which to contact you and I know your team monitors these messages, this was my only way to contact you.

My name is Dennis Bills and I’m sure you have my email address.

Thank you!

This is not the only means by which to speak to the Tiller team. I’m not sure where you got that? At the top of the forum home page, there is a link you can click to start a chat with customer support. You will likely get better service via that route. The team that monitors these forums are their community engagement team, and are likely not involved in the billing process.

Also as a heads up: Banks and CC companies require you to make a good faith effort to reach out to the vendor to resolve any issues before going the route of a chargeback. This means reaching out to the company directly via an official correspondence route like customer service, service chat, email, certified letter, etc… There is a good chance that a bank would look at a single post on a company’s community forum as not a good faith effort on your part to resolve the issue. It would be like making a post on Microsoft’s bug forums demanding a refund for a product. When you submit a chargeback, they will ask for supporting docs, and it would be better to give them unanswered emails and chat messages than a screenshot of a single post on their community forum.

I also don’t understand the immediate jump to threatening a chargeback. I’m sure reaching out through the right channels and explaining that you wanted to cancel before the trial period ended, but was charged anyway, would get you the results you’re looking for.

I hope it’s resolved soon, and I wish you the best in your financial journey.


Hi Dennis,

I was able to locate the email associated with your subscription and I’ve just sent you an email from our support team. We’ve issued you a full refund and canceled your account. I’m sorry for any confusion or miscommunication you’ve encountered when trying to reach our support team in the past.



Thank you, Morgan. I appreciate your help even though I couldn’t find the proper place by which to communicate with you.


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