In Net Worth, Checking and Savings data do not add up correctly

Sorry, this might be a repeat. In the Net Worth Template, the Checking and Savings are not adding up correctly. I can’t seem to trace it back, but I fear it has been corrupted by the closing of several bank accounts we used to have??? Has anyone bumped into this?? Hard to explain this.

@hall.thomas.e - are the balances correct in the Balances sheet (not the Net Worth Template) ? are the balances correct in the hidden Balance History sheet?

If it’s not correct in those places it likely is due to the closing of the accounts. Our data provider can’t pull the balance once the account is closed so you’d need to manually add a last balance entry to your Balance History sheet.

Hi Heather,

Thanks for the response. I think I figured it out. I have “market values” for my truck and home. Truck Value comes from Bluebook and Home values come from Zillow. These market values are manual entries and can be seen in the Net Worth template. They both increase the checking & savings row. All other balances are correct.

I treat the truck and home values as ballpark……more of a curiosity.

Thanks Heather. Let me know if there is a better way to capture market value for vehicles & home structures.


Tom Hall

The way you are capturing those is a popular approach. Just create a manual account for them and periodically use the Manual Account workflow to post an updated balance/value with today’s date.

Agree, this is a good approach. What was messing me up was the Cash & Checking balance was higher than expected. But once I calculated the market value of both items….made sense!!!