Incorrect Date format from Money Feed addon

Hi All

I’m having a minor problem with the transaction dates that are populated on my transaction tab from the money feed addon.
Ive set the page locale to my region (Australia) but it hasnt made a difference.
When I update my transactions page the dates in column B show up formatted as mm/dd/yy (06/23/20) and not as dd/mm/yy (23/06/20).
I have to manually change the date for each transaction so the transaction will show up in my monthly budget dashboard. While this isnt a big issue from day to day with regular updates, if I havent updated my budget for a week it can get time consuming.
Ive tried formatting the column as well with no luck.

Am I missing something?

By default, your transactions will import with a month/day/year format. Since our templates are built with US formatting in mind, that format is required to keep the template working properly.

You can check out a discussion involving a potential workaround on the link below. Perhaps this can help.

Hey mate,

Fellow Aussie here, nothing works, i have tried everything the ole google suggested and all it did was break the sheets.

You can always create a column and set the date in that to Australia and just do a = formula from the current date column to the new one and just hide the old one. Pretty simple, only thing you will have to do is unhide the old one to change the date of a transaction if needed. Good luck

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