Incorrect Date Format from Tiller Money Feed Add-on (International)

Hey @matty05,

Sorry about the date issue. As @warren said, unfortunately, many of our templates and workflows are built around US-formatted dates and currencies. This is an artifact of our focus on the US market. We will need to fix these limitations as we shift focus to international markets.

As @SpinFX007 suggests, I think you may be able to resolve many issues by mirroring the Date column into a new column with Aussie-friendly formatting. Essentially, the new column would make the sheet more friendly to humans (living down under) but the Tiller-standard Date column would. be formatted such that the workflows (particularly the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on) could still make sense of things.

To implement…

  1. Add a new column next to the Date column in your Transactions sheet.
  2. In the header row, insert this formula: ={"Aussie Date";B2:B}
  3. Apply a formatter to the column to make it Aussie-friendly.
  4. Hide the Tiller Date column. (optional)

Note that you may confuse your spreadsheet & workflows if you call the new date column Date. Many of the sheets look for reserved-word headers to find and crunch data. You can use anything other than a reserved column name (like “Date”).

Hope this helps.

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