Incorrect Tiller Ending Balance in the Account Reconciliation Sheet

My account ending balance is not matching my reconciled information. See screenshot. You’ll see that I am balancing fine, but the Tiller ending balance is not what it should be. I THINK I screwed up something when my bank when to a direct import. I have two logins for the bank. One is mine and one is my husbands. I think I selected the wrong account when I logged in as his and it pulled that account in twice? I since have changed it so only my login pulls in that account but I’m wondering if there is some residual issues from that. Or, if there is just something else that is off. I did go thru the process of trimming and repairing balance history and it’s still off. Any ideas?

Check your transactions for one or more that add up to $23.38 (the difference between your Tiller ending balance and the statement ending balance). It could be duplicates, it could be missing transactions, or it could be transactions with a date from the wrong statement. The transaction list in columns O-Q should exactly match the transactions on your statement. If not, the difference is the problem.

Sorry, i should have added that it has been like that for a few months. I’m wondering if it is from a couple months ago since this and last month’s statement are balancing. I will ho back and see if i can find a transaction that’s incorrect. Thanks!

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thanks @jpfieber for that suggestion! Let us know @mpresley410