Increase accounts rows in the Retirement planning spreadsheet

I have more accounts than row 49 in the Retirement Planning Spreadsheet. I added more rows (and extended the formula in cell C24 to B59) but the value in column C stays the same no matter the account type I use. Here’s a screenshot


I believe this is known limitation. One way around it is to prioritize your larger accounts in the rows given and then manually track any smaller, one-off accounts below it. Not ideal but that’s what I did. Having said that, I don’t use that sheet much.

Thanks! And that’s what I ended up doing until there is a fix.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised by that, @abhiroopb. Can you reshare the formula you updated in C24?

I figured out the issue: For column A/B/C I was just copying and pasting the section below (i.e. everything under “Other Accounts” row 51).

Solution: I copied the same columns, but then I drag-fill the cells below Cell C49. This fixed the issue.