Input check or cc charge

i am brand new to this attempting to switch from Quicken can daily expenditures such as payments and deposited be made i see not way of doing it .

:wave:, @dick810!

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m not sure I totally understand your question here, but I’m guessing you mean if there is a way to manually add transactions that are still pending, like a check that’s been written and sent but not cashed?

Hi @heather!
I’m not sure if that was @dick810’s question, but I am curious to know the answer to this. I’d love to see pending column in the budget that takes these items into effect. :grin:

We have published a tool similar to what you’re requesting, @rswansonma, in our Tiller add-on— not Tiller Labs and not Tiller Money Feeds— in the Business menu. You’ll need to setup your sheet for this functionality and it will add a business dashboard (which you can delete) and a few columns to your Transactions sheet. From there you can add manual transactions using the add-on menu and reconcile recently loaded transactions with pending manual transactions. These features are documented here.

I hope that in the coming months we are able to refresh these tools & workflows and move them into the Tiller Labs add-on (without a requirement/coupling to the business tools).

Stay tuned.

This worked perfectly! Exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate you letting me know about this tool.

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