Insane first experience with Tiller!

I signed up last night and it can’t connect to my bank, it says “pulling data” for several minutes then gives an error message. It says I should try a few times (tried multiple times yesterday, still broken today) and then use the chat for help. I use the chat for help, making sure to mention the text of the error message and my banking institution, and the bot tells me that I should use the chat and mention the error message and name of the institution. then I finally get the bot to tell me that I should post when real humans are available between 8:00am and 6:00pm ET. It is currently 11:00am ET but it tells me my message won’t be seen because it’s not between 8:00am and 6:00pm???
Oh and I checked hte Institutions outage sheet and my institution is not listed (although I noticed Fidelity is listed, seemed to work for me yesterday, but I haven’t checked if it connects today)

I think I may have figured out that the bot thinks I started the chat yesterday, so it’s not a “new chat”. After logging out and logging back in, I was able to get through a “dialog” that led to me being able to create a ticket.
We’ll see how it goes, my institution is marked as supported in the Jan 2024 list, and not marked as experiencing issues in the Alerts list.

I’m looking at Tiller to replace Empower (previously Personal Capital) because I’m tired of their sync issues but this may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. At least with Tiller I should be able to manually fix missing sync data (I hope?)

@box4cheap sorry for the confusion with the bot! Thank you for sharing this I didn’t realize that chats started outside our office hours would sort of keep you locked in to that version of the bot that is served outside office hours.

We also plan to remove that “office hours” limitation to directly reaching our team when we have our 3 news support staff members fully up to speed on using Tiller and can offer more weekend coverage.

:crossed_fingers: we can get that bank connection working for you soon!