Institution Data Feed Outage - Add as Manual Account?

Previously linked bank accounts from an institution, that was synced to Tiller and automatically sending transactions data into the Foundation sheet, that institution has experienced an ongoing outage/interruption, thus is no longer sending transaction data.

Viable Solution??
Should I unlink that institution from the Foundation sheet, and then use the ‘Manual Accounts’ to add the accounts as manual accounts, and thus be able to use the ‘Manual Accounts’ feature to update the account balances?

If yes, what would be the workflow to undo this action, once the institution resolves it’s outage/interruption, and I can relink the institution to begin sending transaction and balance data to the Foundation sheet once again?

Thank you for any insight in how to resolve.

Hi @rianandcourtney - not sure if you’re still experiencing this outage and if you’ll need these steps but the basic process would be

  1. Open your Balance History sheet - hidden by default
  2. Filter the Balance History sheet to only display entries for the institution that’s not working. I recommend one account at a time if you have multiple accounts.
  3. Add the word manual: to the front of the Account ID for each entry - Account ID is usually a hidden column (e.g. the account ID should look like this manual:1234455…) no space between the : and the number.
  4. You can copy/paste that new manual ID to all other entries
  5. Repeat for all affected accounts
  6. Use Tiller Money Feeds to update balances now using the Manual Accounts option
  7. When the feed resumes, remove the manual: prefix from all the entries leaving just the original account ID

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you @heather for this solution.
Would you recommend unlinking the accounts that are experiencing the data feed outages?
Or simply leaving them linked while adding the “manual:” prefix to the Account ID?

Thanks again

@rianandcourtney I recommend leaving them linked so you’ll know when the feed starts working again.