Interest deposit from US Bank not being imported

I’ve noticed the last two months that the monthly interest deposited into my US Bank account is not showing up on my transactions sheet. Other transactions with the USB account are coming in and interest being deposited in other accounts is showing up. Anybody else have this experience and know how to fix it?

@jjaltomare, How’s it going here? Have you seen monthly interest deposits making it into your Transactions sheet since you posted this?

If not, can you please create a test sheet and see if they populate into that one. If not,

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

@heather since I’ve made that post there has not been another interest payment from US Bank. The next one will be around 17th/18th of this month. We can wait til then or I can try this test sheet and see if it works.

UPDATE: actually I do see them now, not sure when they came in. I was looking at the June saving budget so it wasn’t flagging me that there were uncategorized transactions. I guess there was a fix?

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Not sure if there was a fix or some categorization issue maybe? Glad they’re showing now. Need more help here?