Introducing the new Tiller Console

@dminches are you referring to the “save & close” button in the new Fastlink (the pop up) experience?

We just pushed this upgraded version of “Fastlink” yesterday. The “account summary,” where you see your accounts and balances, which I think is where you’re indicating you need to do the extra click. This screen is a especially helpful for new users as it explicitly confirms which accounts we brought in when first adding an institution, and gives the option to uncheck some to not pull data in before it ever makes it into our system, but I can see how it might take getting used to as part of the refresh process if you’re an existing customer.

@adekunledauda can you please write to our support via the chat tool on the Tiller Console regarding the technical error?

@heather , I don’t see how that pop-up provides any additional information or adds any additional functionality. If I go to the console for my Chase credit cards I can see 2 accounts. When I click “refresh” the new screen pops up and shows the same accounts. At that point I can either “save and continue” or cancel. It doesn’t even allow one to not refresh one of the accounts.

It seems like all the screen does is force the user to add another click to refresh.

@dminches - it adds value to our brand new users. It will still refresh in the background if you click outside that window when it gets to the “pulling your data” step.

Just tried the new refresh on all my accounts and all worked well. LPL Financial was a bit slow but I know they are doing some upgrades of their own this week. Looks good.

Hi @heather , I can see how the confirmation popup helps new users and no, it doesn’t kill me to perform the extra click but it would be nice if we could choose whether to have that screen popup or not. Maybe in a future release if there is no way to do that now. Thanks for all you do to make Tiller better.

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Thanks, @clemmonsnc - I don’t think we have the option to not include the account summary just for a refresh, but perhaps that will be a configuration option in the future. The new connection tool is from our data provider so we don’t have full control over how it functions.