iPad - Honey, I Shrunk the (Balances sheet) Kids!

Yikes! I somehow “shrunk” the display size of my Balances sheet. Weirdly, this only exists on my iPad access (on my windows computer, the sheet fills the screen in a normal fashion). And, yep, all the other sheets in the Foundation Template are normal size.

Help please? Can’t find appropriate control to restore normal full look. Pic below.


Looks like you are in a print preview or something like that (don’t see any tools at the top)? Hit the ‘<’ arrow in the upper left corner to get out of whatever view you are in and hopefully that takes you back to the normal view.

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Well, turns out I had pinched the screen inadvertently. I believe the only zoom control on iPad Google Sheets is pinching! It even displays a % sizing in a grayed out overlay as you do this. I pinched it to full size and voila! Thanks all.

Yeah, I was just reading and going to suggest you may have inadvertently zoomed out. Done and Done.