Is Column A on "Transactions" tab necessary?

The one with the Tiller image. I am hoping to remove it as every row is blank. Seems unnecessary. If I remove it will it break my sheet?


It is my understanding that it will mess things up. Hiding it may be an option. You might create a restore point in version history and try making the change. Or make the change and Undo it if it does not work.

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OK thanks. I’ve hidden it for now!

Hi @hbwilliams22, It’s not required. It’s just a branding thing, but removing it could “mess up” some column references in other sheets/dashboards - though our recently built solutions from Labs and the Foundation template are built to be dynamic (the formulas will adjust when the column is removed). However, if you’re using solutions built by others shared here via the Community, there is no guarantee on the formulas being dynamic.

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