Is the old Feedbot format still available?

I’m a little confused. Is the old Tiller Feedbot format still available? I tried to create a new sheet and as far as I could see the only options were Tiller Feed Add-On for Sheets and Tiller Feed for Excel. Am I missing something? Can we still create sheets in the old Feedbot format? Is that format still supported?


Here is what the following Help Center article says:

You can connect Tiller Money Feeds to any non-Feedbot powered Google Sheet, including a blank sheet, your own template, or the Tiller Foundation Template.

When I go to my Tiller Console, I only see the same two options you mention. It is their new Tiller Foundation Template.

As I understand it, if you have a previously created Feedbot powered sheet then it is still supported. See the above article regarding transitioning from Feedbot to Feeds (which I did a few weeks ago…probably not something for the faint of heart). However, I do not think you can start a new Feedbot sheet today but if you have one from the past it is still supported.


I am trying to understand your factual situation so that I can help you.

I think the following might be helpful.

Read this:

Now reread the last paragraph. Please clink on the link called “these steps”. I think you might have missed these steps. I think you created a new Foundation template (which by definition does nothing regarding categories). You have to follow these steps to bring over certain information from your old sheet into the new sheet.

Does this represent your factual situation?



Thanks Blake. I understand now what I need to do to make the transition but it is not a simple thing. And I am not sure I see the advantages. It has taken me a while to learn the old system. The question for me is whether it is worth it. Perhaps I will wait until the first of the year and then start in the new format.

The article says:

If you’re happy with your current workflow and template, stick with it.

If you have a workflow and/or template you’re happy with, we recommend that you do NOT migrate at this time. Hang tight, we’ll make the experience much smoother.

I believe Tiller is planning to build a bridge to get from the old system to the new system but they are unsure of the timing.

I transitioned myself and it is not for the faint of heart. In your case it is probably better to wait for the bridge.