Is there a service where you can get help starting up a tiller budget account?

is there a service where you can get help starting up a tiller budget account ?

Is there a specific step you’re stuck on? I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at and we can share our best resources and guidance to help you get started.


I’m new here, and I have been running a small business for 20 years. I must admit that I am not very proficient with spreadsheets, such as Excel, or accounting software like QuickBooks. While I have used them in the past, it was typically with the assistance of someone who set them up for me. However, I believe that my business has reached a point where using technology, especially telecommunication tools, could significantly enhance my understanding of our business activities.

Currently, my approach involves providing my bank statements to my CPA, who then reviews them for potential business deductions. While this has served its purpose, I’m beginning to feel that it might not be the most effective way to truly assess how my business is performing.

So, my question is this: Are there professionals or experts available who can assist me in setting up a more comprehensive system for my business using telecommunication tools? If Do you believe that using such tools would be the best option for my business at this stage and able to assist me, please text me back as your hourly rate.

Thank you for your guidance and assistance
Frank -. :grinning: