Is there a way to capture/view projected income vs what's remaining after budgeted?

The use case is my wife and I make X each month and after budgeted items, there is Y (“Planned Cash Flow” in the “monthly budget” report) that is unaccounted for each month that account for random miscellaneous purchases throughout the month. Those items do end up in categories so I don’t want to just have a “misc” bucket. Is there a way to view each month what remains in the Planned Cash Flow ‘bucket’ after what I’ve budget plus these random items to make sure I don’t overspend for the month?

Hi @staeckums: Welcome to the community!

If I understand your example, you have some random expenses you wish to track each month, covered by your unallocated surplus in the month. Is that correct?

One way to address this is to create a category in your budget for the anticipated surplus each month. After budging for income, expenses and the surplus (good for you!) your budgeted cash flow for each month and the year would then be zero. Then, assign the same category to each expense you wish to cover from this surplus. Your periodic reports will always show your status (over and under) in the category and accumulate it going forward, and you can use the category to see if any patterns develop among uses that, showing up frequently, may be better placed in their own category.

Does that help?

Hi @Brad.warren , thanks! And thanks for the response!

I think you understand correctly and want to make sure I understand you …

For example, say I have $500/month surplus and the categories I do not set a budget for would be dinning out, coffee shops, and fast food. You suggest creating a group “Surplus” (or something similar) and then associate the categories listed under that group? From there distribute the $500 between those categories?

Hi @staeckums:

Almost….As you can tell, my philosophy of budgeting is showing through, and actually, I encourage you to set a budget for almost everything you can identify, and then, if there is a surplus left over ( and you’ve met your giving and savings goals :wink:) make the amount of the surplus the budget of the surplus category. Then if you have expenses that don’t fit any other category, you can assign them to the surplus category and see what’s up over time.

There are many ways to do this. Given my penchant to want to spend money without limits (I hope my wife’s not reading this) I need to assign a purpose to and track every dollar to stay disciplined.

Kudos to you for having a surplus and for wanting to be responsible with it!