Is there a way to go back further than 3 months?

Just wondering how far we can go back and pull data from an account? Since I just started with this, it’s great to see the last 3 months, but I need to go way back further.



Upon initial set up, you get just three months. If you want more, you will need to manually add them by doing the following:

  1. access your online account at the bank and export your transaction data out to a file.
  2. you can go back in time as far as your bank has data available…might be two years.
  3. copy/paste the applicable data from the exported file into the transactions tab .
  4. this will get your income and expenses into your transaction sheet but not the account balances.
  5. to get the account balances into your sheet, you will need to copy/paste them into the balance history tab.

This is a very general and brief explanation that leaves out many of the details but it should get you started in the right direction.


Thanks for the help. That is going to be an incredible amount of work for every account. Appreciate it though.

Hi @Billdemart,

We’ve got the steps documented here in detail here:


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@Billdemart - I have a proposition for you. Select a couple of your accounts and add them manually. See how long it takes. I think you may find it takes less time than you think. You are not typing in the data manually. Basically, you are doing a lot of copy/pasting. There is not much time difference between copy/pasting 50 rows versus 500 rows. I think you might find the benefit is worth more than the time expended. Like most users, I think you already realize the value of having more than three months of data. Please give it a try and let the community know how it goes. Like most things in life, “no pain, no gain”.

Thanks @heather, I had seen that help article before but I could not find it for the life of me when I made the post.

I don’t have a “balances history” tab. Just the main “Balances” tab. Was this an add-on?

I believe every sheet has a balance history. I think the default setting is to have it hidden. Go to the lower left corner of your screen and click on the symbol which looks like 4 horizontal lines, it is to the right of the + symbol.


That’s right, @blake. The Balance History is a staple of Tiller spreadsheets. It is hidden usually, but can be easily and permanently unhidden.

The Balances template is a derivative summary dashboard of the data in Balances History.


Thanks all will give this a shot!