Is there really no way to autofill sheets without turning of 2fa?

Just confirming there is no workaround here? I really do need to disable 2fa if I want there to be an autofill function (without an autofill function, the morning money email is pretty useless, since there will be nothing new to look at).

I am not sure I understand why this is the case when other tracking/budgeting apps can all autofill me.

The 2fa requirements are coming from Yodlee, Tiller’s data provider, via its connections with your financial institutions. I don’t think there’s anyway around them. I agree that it’s not ideal to have to do the 2fa every time one fills, but there are only some things that Yodlee can bypass (and that Tiller can control). What you are encountering on other platforms is likely because those other platforms utilize other data providers. The good news here is that Tiller has indicated that they may be bringing an additional data provider on board, which may help with this issue.


All my accounts (12) have 2FA authentication and they all auto-refresh/auto-fill without me doing anything, except for one account, which institution is not currently on Yodlee’s open banking list.

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Yeah, it seems to be luck of the draw. Some of my 2FA accounts connect without needing to do the whole text message thing every time. The Open Banking institutions are the best for this, though others work as well. Others require it every time. My wife is a federal government employee, and the Thrift Savings Program has required repeated 2FA authentication on every platform using every aggregator that I have ever tried.

One thing you can do is pester your bank until they implement open banking into their system. It’s not ideal and may take them years at the pace banks move, but there’s not a lot of options if your bank doesn’t support some sort of API access instead of Yodlee having to screen scrape

Just noting that Auto Fill is a specific feature of Tiller Money Feeds filling data that’s available in our database where as auto refreshes are what are disabled if your bank enforces 2FA for every login attempt.

More on the type of refreshes here:

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