Is this possible with Tiller and Excel?

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I was using Money for Excel and then found out it would be discontinued next year, so I tried out Tiller liked it and then got a 1 year subscription. I like it, but what I really want would be a type of running tally. Let me explain.

I’m currently unable to work due to a disability. My wife no longer works as she is my primary caregiver and also has health problems. I have now only 2 types of monthly income. I receive social security disability on or around a specific day of the month (direct deposit) and long term disability on or around a specific day of the month (direct deposit) from my former employer.

Tiller is connected to my checking/savings accounts and my credit cards. What I need is some type of sheet that can calculate how much I have in checking, can anticipate my upcoming deposits and then deduct my current outstanding expenses (credit card) and anticipate having adequate funds to cover the credit card payments in full each month (they’re always on the same date of each month) so I can know how much of a positive balance I need to maintain. It would take the guesswork out of asking a “can I afford purchasing something this month” questions. I’m not sure if what I’m asking is making sense and more important, if it can be done.

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback and assistance required.


This thread here Near-term Account Balance Forecast is what I’ve been looking at recently for the same type of functionality. Currently I do this with the largest expenses that come through my USAA checking account in USAA’s app, but I am also looking to do this same thing as well in the near future in Tiller with all of my accounts.

Thanks so much for your reply. That does look like an option, Unfortunately, its for Google Sheets and not for Excel. Here’s hoping that someone converts it over.

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Ahh, gotcha I’m not sure if @jono has created something like the Bill Payment Tracker for Excel yet or not, but before long I’m sure there will be something like this that would work.

I found this to be of interest.

Here’s hoping anyways,

Hi @bentyre1 ,
Sorry, I have not created this sheet in Excel. My Excel skills are lacking.
But it’s good that you posted the request here, as that let’s Tiller and the community know there is interest in it.


Thanks so much for the reply. Here’s hoping someone here with the Excel skills necessary will create this sheet…someday…