Is Tiller better suited for Google Sheets or Excel

@jemmoa7 I have to agree with @dmetiller. Until I watched the YouTube video on the Savings Budget “tab” I was really struggling to understand it. This is the page that got me over the hump using the Savings Budget. Docs: Savings Budget sheet.

Like I said it took some time, but the way it works now it perfect for how I budget. It works almost exactly like the Mvelopes app I moved from. It shows balances, allows deficits in categories, which works for me because I have sub-categories that I treat as a roll-up for expenses that are all in the same “family”. If you are used to an envelope style budget this is truly the answer for it, especially given that all the other feature set of Tiller are still available. I almost never use the standard budget sheet at this point.

Good luck!!

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