Is Tiller connection to Venmo supposed to be working?

Is the Tiller connection to Venmo supposed to be working? It’s not for me. I try to log in from the sheet and it tells me my credentials are wrong, suggests maybe I’ve changed the password. But I can log in with that email and password from So I don’t know what’s wrong.


I’ve been running into the same issue for the past few days. Maybe something changed on Venmo’s end that isn’t allowing third-parties like Yodlee from connecting to Venmo’s service?

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Yeah, me, too. Honestly, Venmo seems to have recurrent issues with Yodlee. I’ve only been using Tiller since November, but this is like the third outage. I use Venmo less and less, especially since Zelle transactions download to Tiller with better information.

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I’m seeing the same issues. I was just about to post the same issue.

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I’m having same issue. Wondering if this will ever be fixed.

Same problem for me.

same problem for last few days

Same issue for me since last weekend.

Our data provider is currently working to fix a widespread outage affecting Venmo, you can see the ETA for the fix and monitor the alerts page for updates.

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PSA: Venmo successfully connected, synced, and refreshed for me this morning.