Is Tiller right for me questions?

I’m trying to find an alternative to Quicken, which I’ve had for 20+ years. The main feature I want is a register that I can access on any device using Google Sheets since I travel a lot, and I have never got Quicken to work properly.

I do not like my transactions automatically downloaded from a bank for the following reasons:

  • The description is often cryptic and hard ot tell where I spent the money.
  • It’s not real time. I have to wait for the bank to post it to see it.

I have a checking account, a budget (checking) account, savings account and charge card. normally I would use my PC to enter transactions when I am home, but when I am traveling, I wat to be able to add transactions form my tablet or phone.

Knowing the above, is Tiller the software for me?

Value-wise, not sure I’d pay just for access to the templates if you’re not using the transaction feed (but there are many very useful templates!). While Google Sheets and Excel offer lots of benefits on the desktop, I’ve found them to be less than ideal on a phone. It’s possible to work with your templates on the small screen, but not ideal, and not all features work on mobile. In your situation, a purpose built app might be easier to use. Depends a lot on what you want to do with your transactions once you have them entered (that’s where Tiller’s templates really shine).

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