Issue Logging in to Excel add-in

When I open the Tiller sidebar/add-on in order to log in I click on the login button and a window pops up in the middle of the screen. I click on my Google account and the login process starts.

In the past, the login window would close and I would be logged in. The information in the sidebar would populate and I would be ready to go. Now, I have to manually close the big window and the sidebar and re-launch the add-on.

Are others seeing the same situation? Or, is the main window closing on its own?

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Hi @dminches,

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve only seen this coming up a few other times. Some have reported that logging out of Excel (under the File > Account section) and then logging out of Google in the browsers (Edge, IE, everywhere) can help. We haven’t totally nailed down what causes this or how to fix it.


Thanks Heather. I was wondering if others were seeing it and if there are Excel users who are not.

I have been experiencing the same problem.

Thanks for sharing. I am glad that it isn’t only me.

Up until 6-8 months ago it was fine. Now it never works properly.

I’m experiencing the same issue.

I’m new to the excel version, but Tiller really seems to slow down my processing/calculations. Do not have any similar problems with my other spreadsheets, etc. and the file size is only 2.32mb. Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Once you have a good number of transactions the spreadsheet takes a lot of time to recalculate. I put recalc on manual so it doesn’t slow everything down.


I’m experiencing this problem too. Thanks.

@dminches @rachelstets @jtbarron @bocajpj we’re working on this issue.

Can you please go through the login flow for the Excel add-in and let me know if you get any “alert message” ?

We have not been able to internally reproduce this so we’re shooting in the dark a bit as to what part of the code to update to address it. If none of you see an alert message, would one of you mind scheduling a call with us to see if we can get some error log information from your browser when this is happening?

The issue occurs when I have to log in after loading the side bar.

I click on the Sign in to Tiller Money and the large dialog box pops up. I choose my gmail account and log in. The log in information disappears but nothing happens after that. The large pop up remains open. I then close the side bar which closes both dialog boxes. I then reopen the side bar and I am logged in.

Let me know if you want to discuss this on the phone. I am free to do so.

My experience is the same. I open the sidebar from the Data tab. I then click to sign into Tiller, and the Google login window gets stuck (it goes blank white). To make it work I x-out of the Google login widow, then close the Tiller sidebar. When I re-open the Tiller sidebar, the account is logged in.

You may recall I had a lot of problems with accounts not showing up. I don’t know if the problems were related or not. One precaution I’ve taken since is to log out after each session. Other than the login issue, I’ve had no further problems. Thanks for looking into this!

Today, I logged into the excel add-in and everything worked perfectly. The log in box closed and I was able to continue. I know that Heather and her team have been working on this.

@heather, did you guys make a change?

Yes! We did make a change and I’m so glad that this is working now! I had it on my list to email you and ask you to try again. :slight_smile: yay!

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