Issues with Discover Card and Discover Bank

The Discover card has to be manually refreshed for some reason. All my other cards refresh automatically. This is not a real problem as I can refresh it.
The Discover Bank account is updating the totals but not pulling in the transactions. This is a saving account and there was a transaction on 8/31 but has not shown up in the transaction sheet although the balance was updated on 9/1.

@tillerjb39 We have had multiple customers write in regarding refreshing with Discover. It appears this institution may have recently made changes to their security settings. Auto refresh has been turned off , so a manual refresh is required to pull in data into our system.

Thanks Warren. The Discover Bank account seems to update automatically and the balance is updating but no transactions. I have manually refreshed it several time but still no transaction.

I can confirm the same behavior. Manual refresh is required for both card and bank accounts, and bank account transactions are not being pulled.

Same issue

Please let me know if this gets fixed

@jcao2462 It looks like the transaction pull for Discover Bank is working again. Today’s account refresh and sheet update pulled in transactions back to when they stopped loading, somewhere between 8/28 and 8/31.

The Discover Bank account finally updated 19 days after the transaction date.

Glad to hear it’s working again. It was on our Outage list for a while.