Join the Multi-Aggregator Beta Testing Waitlist

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One of our top engineering goals at Tiller is to develop Tiller Money Feeds into the most reliable automated financial feeds of any personal finance service.

In our quest to give you the best bank feeds possible, we will soon offer additional aggregation options in addition to our current partner Envestnet Yodlee.

Two new aggregators have already made it through many rounds of internal testing. Now we’re ready to invite our Community to test them as well.

We’ve just launched a beta testing waitlist, which you can join by completing this form.

But wait, what’s an aggregator?

A financial data aggregator collects and organizes financial data from thousands of sources, including banks, credit card companies, investment firms, lenders, and other financial institutions.

The aggregator then publishes an API that makes this data accessible to banks, financial services, and fintech companies like Tiller.

Until now, Tiller has exclusively partnered with Envestnet Yodlee to pull data from your banks. We pay for this service rather than trading or selling access to your data. (More accurately, your Tiller subscription pays for this service.)

We’ve also contractually prohibited our aggregator from using your data.

More options, more banks, more reliable

It will take some time before these new services are available to all customers.

We need to be certain they meet our standards for speed and reliability at scale.

But if you’d like to test and share feedback on the two new aggregators, sign up to join our waitlist. We’ll then send an email to let you know next steps.

Thank you for being a key part of the Tiller Community!


Cool! A couple editing comments on the form:

  • In the main description, “bring” should be “bringing”.
  • In the pricing question, “will” should be “willing”.

All the "ing"s got dropped. :slight_smile:

Fixed, thank you! I am getting ready to go on vacation for two weeks and am working in haste to put bows on a bunch of stuff :gift:

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Thanks! Have fun on vacation, you deserve it!

I filled out the form, and I would love to be part of it. One of my primary accounts through Baxter Credit Union (BCU) doesn’t download transactions at all and I’m having to upload them manually…


Are they better with Canadian banks>. CIBC has been down for more than 2 weeks.




Good idea. Makes sense from all perspectives.

I’d love to see this. There are a few other services i use that use all three of Yodlee, plaid, and MX. And they also will use the bank native oauth when available… which is probably kicked off by an aggregator. With that, i have two comments.

First, nobody can get Paypal and Venmo right. It’d be wonderful to get those supported.

Second, more insight into the details of the connection would be great. It seems like two apps can use the same aggregator with completely different results. Maybe behind the scenes there are different settings or you request a different way to two factor authenticate given a few choice. I have one bank where sometimes one app causes it to do a push two factor notification in the middle of the night, which of course i miss, and then the connections broken in the morning. But a second app may never trigger that push and just continue on working. Short of it is: insight into if a connection is expected to need attention at some point and why would be helpful.


My same issue last few weeks with CIBC, glad you brought up here as well! I also use Wealthica and they offer a non-Yodlee connection called Plaid that is working well with CIBC. I’m having to balance 2 tools :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

:100: on Venmo. Not requiring auth for every refresh would be a big plus.

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I joined the list, I think, a couple weeks ago. I love Tiller’s functionality, but am incredibly disappointed at the constant errors, and the staff leaving tickets in the wind for weeks and weeks. They just come back saying “try again” and when it inevitably fails again it goes back to “ok we’ll get back to you” for another several weeks.

Unfortunately, I suspect a lot of this is a byproduct of Yodlee leaving Tiller hanging in the wind for weeks and weeks, and that trickles down to us. The best way out of this for all of us is going to be the adoption of additional aggregator(s).


I have been using Tiller since 2018 and am on the legacy pricing, but even I would be willing to pay $99 to get additional aggregators. I have a couple accounts that literally have not worked in 4 months. And other accounts are very finicky sometimes. I definitely spend more time just messing with the feeds than I do actually categorizing transactions. I sold my brother on Tiller from Quicken, and he has used it for a couple years, but he recently switched to a competitor because he used a lot of manual accounts and it was painfully slow, also he had issues with feeds. I don’t do as much manual. I am currently in a trial for a competitor that uses 3 different aggregators, and so far I have had not a single issue getting stuff working. There are some things I don’t like as well, but I am still getting familiar. Will be running side-by-side for the next couple months and will make a decision. I signed up for the beta when I saw this post.

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Not enough data yet to be able to tell, but we do have better international connection in mind when we make our selection.