Just a thought after trying to update transactions

So, I just tried to update my one account, first going to the Tiller website and again verifying my account, then going back to the Transaction Tab and clicking on the blue fill button in Excel. Only the last two transactions from 2/8 and 2/9 being brought in. The other 20+ transactions from Feb 2024 didn’t get loaded. I thought this was one of the most basic functions of Tiller.

This is just a broad opinion, but Tiller seems like a huge beta test of an app not quite ready for primetime. A lot of bugs and mods too large for an employed team and highly dependent on users’ help.

Imagine if Netflix, after charging users, kept running into bugs and depending on subscribers to work on mods to get it to stream. Just an off-the-top example, replace “Netflix” with any mid to high-profile app.

I’m not against beta testing, love being involved, just call it what it is though. I’m pro-Tiller, sometimes someone just needs to speak up.

I am in awe of all the brilliant minds at Tiller and the community working hard to share and use their skill set to bring this to life. :sunglasses:

I’m sorry that you are having challenges getting Tiller running for you. For a different perspective: I currently have 16 different institutions constituting 43 different accounts connected to Tiller. All of them connect nearly flawlessly and regularly (One is down at the moment–PayPal–and one loan account and one 529 account don’t download transactions but do download balances. I can live with that.).

By comparison, I’ve never been able to connect all of my accounts to any of Tiller’s competitors, and I’ve tried a bunch. Not Mint, Empower, Copilot, Monarch Money, etc. Nor have I been able to organize and manipulate my data on those other platforms like I can on Tiller.

I realize that I’m fortunate. If you only have one account connected to Tiller and that one account isn’t consistently downloading account data, then your Tiller experience is not going to be very good. Connections to Yodlee don’t always work, which is part of the reason that Tiller is working on bringing on a second aggregator. When I have had the occasional connection issue, Tiller customer support has been quick to respond.

What you see as a flaw in terms of the way Tiller uses the community to innovate is one of the things that makes it a promising platform to many of the rest of us. It’s a feature, not a bug. To follow your Netflix analogy, the equivalent of streaming on Netflix for Tiller is maintaining bank connections, downloading transactions and balances, etc., and for me at least that works very well. But Tiller also allows us to do things that a closed platform like Netflix doesn’t–the equivalent of figuring out better ways to analyze our viewing habits or identifying shows we might like rather than being beholden to one algorithm.

I know this post comes off sounding like a Tiller fan boy, and I suppose that’s because I am a Tiller fan boy. I’ve only been using it since November, but I already feel like I have a better understanding of my finances than I have ever had before, and all of the data is under my control to manipulate and analyze. I hope you can get things sorted out. As somebody mentioned in another thread, I found Tiller’s YouTube videos to be really helpful when I was getting started.

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