Kia Finance needs code to pull info

My Kia finance account now asks for a code to be entered to pull my account data and I’m not sure how to get that to pop up so that I can enter it when I try to add it to Tiller. Any ideas?

If you go directly into the Kia account, the settings should have options on how the MFA code is sent to you (text, email, authenticator, etc.). That’s where I’d start to figure out where the code is going.

I know exactly where the code is going, my problem is there isn’t anywhere that comes up in tiller to add it.

Aha, sorry, I didn’t understand your message correctly. You might need to ping customer service on that one.

Thanks, I was sort of hoping someone else might’ve had the same issue.

@dmetiller is right. Any bank connection related issues I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

We can troubleshoot from there.