Known Services Issues & Outages

Intermittent Service Issues Feb 13, 2020

We’ve addressed the issues with errors while visiting the Tiller Console, but you may notice that accounts may be slow to appear in the Account Summary on the Tiller Console after they are first added, and refreshes initiated in the Console may appear less responsive.

Thanks for your patience while we implement a more permanent solution.


@heather can the Institution Outages file also include the two words ‘tiller’ & ‘status’. Those are typically what I search for to find this file and I can’t ever seem to find it (even though I’ve saved it to my drive). Typically the industry uses the word ‘status’ for updates. Googling any service with ‘status’ will get you to their dashboard.

I read the update but they do not represent my situation. I have no received any updates from my bank accounts since 2/12. All the accounts do is continually spin when I try to update.

As of 2/22/20 (and since 2/13) I’m experiencing the following issues:

  1. At this time the “Linked Accounts” button in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on does not appear to do anything for me.
  2. After going to my Tiller Account Summary at, I refresh my accounts which need additional authentication. When I then go to my spreadsheet and click the “Update Sheets” button in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, the buttons turn grey, and I get a message stating “Loading new balances & transactions” with dots bouncing left and right above it. This sits there and bounces the dots for…ever? I’ve not seen it finish since the issues last week.
  3. When I go to Add-Ons -> Tiller -> Budget -> Adjust Category, the From and To drop-downs say “Loading…”. After minutes of waiting, trying again, etc, they just keep saying loading.

Is there a way I can cause new transactions to update in my spreadsheet after refreshing my accounts which need additional authentication?

How can I adjust my rollover to No category as I’ve done in the past while the Adjust Category tool isn’t working?

As of 2/25, this issue is still occurring in Firefox. I’ve now confirmed the same issues exist in Google Chrome.

As support noted in a separate case, the solution to my ongoing issues was to:

  1. Use Chrome
  2. Use Chrome profiles to sign into ONLY the google account associated with my Tiller account.

I had been signed into more than one google account.