Labs add-on issue - Tools/utilities/advanced tools


I am using the Foundation spreadsheet and if I navigate to Tools/Utilities/Advanced Tools I get, “Enter code to access advanced tools.”

What code is this referring to? Are these advanced utilities not an offering that Tiller subscribers are provided? I have used Tiller for a couple of years, and I am very familiar with the Foundation Spreadsheet and the Envelope Budget alternative. More generally, i am comfortable with technology/technology complexity (my career is technology-oriented). I admit I am just curious - what is this all about?

Thanks for your help, and thank you for building an excellent personal finance tool.

-Kevin McCarron

Talking to one of the tiller developers I believe these are some of the developer administration tools for the add on themselves. They are not special templates or new budgeting tools.

Ok, understood. No big deal, and that makes sense that something like that would exist. It may be a good idea to hide this from typical subscribers, or label it as “Tiller Product Management Team Only.”

Otherwise it seems like there is some cool stuff I/we can’t access! :wink:

  • Kevin
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Good question, @mccarronkevin. As @richl, we have a few dev-only features behind a password there.

If you’re curious, the features are:

  • Link additional template libraries into the Labs add-on’s list of “Add Solution” templates. We use this to share in-development templates within the team. Ultimately (no timeline), we’d love to use this code to allow users to share their own templates with others leveraging our tempate-install & version-management tooling.
  • Manually change a templates metadata. This can corrupt (or repair) a sheets & the spreadsheet so extreme caution is required.