Latest Excel Template Release

Hello, As I prepare to update for 2023 which probably means starting with a default template, I want to understand if any changes have occurred since Aug 25, 2022, date of my download. Or if a revised template will be released in the near future?
Thank you

I did find version numbers within the workbook (v0.9x). Downloaded a new workbook from the Tiller Console or v1.00. Would be helpful to add an “About Me” or similar Tab which would provide a log of version number, associated date and what may have changed. This could provide insight if there is anything significant which may have been corrected or upgraded and we could then decide to do nothing or migrate to the newer version.


Thanks for this feedback @dmelideo this is a great idea and something for us to consider as we continue building out Excel features. The eventual goal is to have tooling in the Tiller Money Feeds add-in that will communicate version information and allow you to “upgrade” the version in your current workbook so you wouldn’t have to migrate.

You can also move the latest versions of specific tabs from a fresh copy of the Foundation Template downloaded from the Tiller Console to your existing workbook so you don’t have to migrate data over to a whole new workbook. Steps are in the guide below.