Linking monthly budget view to matching filtered transactions

I find the monthly budget view very useful, but I often find myself wanting to view the transactions that make up the totals.
As such I was wondering I could link the headers in the monthly budget view to a matching filtered transaction list.

Technically I think this would require a filtered view of the transaction list that would read in the current date period shown on the monthly budget view, and set the appropriate filters. I (think) perhaps in the filter view this may be possible using the “Filter by condition - custom formula” - then writing a formula that checks the time period selected on the monthly budget sheet, and applies it. Applying the additional filters, and linking to the URL Can anyone confirm if this is technically possible?

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Not sure if this gets you exactly what you are looking for, but I use the Category Tracker Report. You can filter to a specific category and see the sum of transactions for that category.

The transactions will be grouped if they have the same description, so if you have recurrent transactions, you’ll see them grouped together.