Locating Unmatched Categories

I am new to Tiller and actively populating the Tiller workbook with data from “Money in Excel”. My question is: What is the easiest way to locate transactions which have a category taht does not exist or aligned with those entered in the Categories tab. Thank you

Uncategorized is easy, just enable Filtering and change the filter for the Category column to show only ‘(Blanks)’. To show ones that don’t align with existing Categories, the best I can come up with is to turn off all the existing categories in the Filter so all that remains are ones that don’t exist in the Categories sheet. Could be very tedious if you have a lot of categories, but hopefully this is something you’ll only need to do once.

Thank you. The filtering selection at the top of the Transaction Category column appears to pick all data in the column so not clear if I can easily discern. All fields are filled with categories from the previous data, thus no empty cells. Also, if I try and filter without any selections, the process sits idle. Appreciate the suggestions. Yes, will be a one-time transition.
Was hoping there would be an easy way to find category entries which are not aligned between the two tabs, Transactions and Categories.

I believe that by default if the category does not exist on the category sheet then a little red arrow will appear. This is because the transaction sheet uses a data validation rule that allows fills the drop down

I tried to answer this question for you here, @dmelideo.