Looking for category transactions in envelope budget

I’m trying to get started with Tiller, coming from mvelopes. I copied the Envelope Budget template and went through the steps to get started. What’s there seems straight-forward enough, but what I’m not seeing is a way to view all transactions in any given category. Does that exist in the template, or is that something that I would need to build myself?
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Welcome! In the Tiller Labs Add-on there’s a solution called Category Tracker that should work with the envelope budget. Add the Category Tracker

But if you’re just getting started, I’d recommend the Savings Budget instead of the Envelope Budget. The link below gives a more detailed explanation, and compares it to the Envelope Budget. Basically, the Savings Budget is the newer template for envelope budgeting. It works with Tiller’s Foundation template and is therefore easier to install, works with more of the add-on sheets, and is still being actively supported by the Tiller team. Let me know if you have any other questions! I used the Envelope Budget for years, but I just switched to the Savings Budget last month.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the pointer, and I’ll look at the Savings Budget and Category Tracker this evening.

My question in response is, how is someone supposed to find out about these trackers and sheets and anything else related to Tiller Money? I started at the Tiller website and that pretty much leads to the Foundation Template, but is there a guide or overview for the various flavors and add-ons that are available? (I work as a technical writer, so I tend to think in terms of “where’s the documentation?”) Is there a Tiller Labs site, or just the templates and add-ons?

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I found labs page. :grin:

Hey @matt

I’ve now read the description for the Category Tracker and I’ve watched the webinar for the Savings Budget sheet! So here’s the big question: do those two work together? I assume the Category Tracker will show all transactions coming out of a category, but will it also show budgeted money going in? In envelope budgeting with real envelopes and real cash, you have to put cash in an envelope before you can spend it. A category tracker that doesn’t show “cash” going into the “envelope” is only showing half the picture.

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@psnfinancial The Savings Budget sheet is where you assign to your “envelopes” (categories) and will show how much was spent and how much has accumulated from month to month.

These all work together, using the Foundations sheet as a base. One of the big disadvantages to the Envelope Budget sheet you originally found was that it existed in it’s own space, did not work with the Foundations sheet or other solutions.

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@psnfinancial Glad you found the labs page! One thing about Tiller is that there are so many options and it’s so customizable that it takes a little time to figure out what all is available at first.

Also I think I may have misunderstood your original question a bit. The category tracker does work with the Savings Budget, but you don’t need it to do envelope budgeting. The Category tracker is just a way to see a list of transactions in any given category for any time period. It doesn’t show any budget information.

The Savings Budget, on the other hand, is where all of the actual budgeting happens. For a given month, it shows you how much you have budgeted (money going into the envelope) and how much you have spent in any category. It also includes the amount rolled over in each category (think of it as the cash that’s left over in the envelope from the previous month). Of course it can’t prevent you from spending more than you have budgeted, so this amount can be positive or negative.