Looking to hire a Tilller-fluent accountant/bookkeeper for my business

Hi all, hope this is ok to post. I’m a small business-owner, and have been exploring using Tiller to do my business accounts in a way that gives me the flexibility and extensibility that I need and which Tiller is so good at – including showing P&Ls for multiple locations with some costs being centralized, and also correlating payroll numbers with staff timesheets to better manage staff costs. (I’ve look at all the typical small business account packages, and have run into serious limitations with all of them.)

I’ve got the basics of my Tiller-based system set up, and am now looking to hire someone to take it forward and finish implementing the system. There’s a lot of custom Google Sheets magic I’m using, so will need someone who an expert at building maintainable accounts in Google Sheets based on the core Tiller feeds.

If interested, please email me at ien@alum.mit.edu.

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Get any interest here @Ghopper21 ?

I added to a similar post here:
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And also, I wonder if Tiller runs their entire operation with Google Sheets, of if this job requires using a dedicated bookkeeping software application :wink:

Business Manager and Bookkeeper
Tiller is hiring a business manager with impeccable organizational skills and bookkeeping experience to lead financial operations for our team. We are looking for a business manager with impeccable organizational skills and bookkeeping experience to lead financial operations for our team. As part of a growing 10 person fully remote team, you will be responsible for: Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end bookkeeping, Executive assistance to our CEO. The current position is part-time (approx. 20 hours per week) and paid hourly at $25 per hour, with room for growth. Health benefits are available in the future if the role extends to or exceeds 30 hours per week.

Note: I was surprised that Tiller is only offering $25/hour. My Bookkeepers charge a minimum or $85/hour.

Bottom line for me ==>> I need to delegate and collaborate with bookkeeping and accounting workflows. QuickBooks Online is the ubiquitous platform of choice for all the bookkeepers and CPAs on my team. But…my theory is that my business financials ‘could’ be run on Google Sheets (and Tiller Feeds can definitely help automate the data entry)

Google Searching for any humans that use Tiller in their accounting practice has yielded no results thus far. I will remain hopeful…

I agree! I don’t need my books to be any more complicated than they have to be, and I love being able to do what i want with my own data. That being said, I’d love to pass it over to a bookeeper but they tend to favor quickbooks or other accounting software . I have been considering approaching the faculty at the local vocational college for graduates just starting out who are interested in working with spreadsheets.

I’m continuing to dig into and test Tiller. And my Tiiller Feeds remain broken as Tiller engineers troubleshoot “known sync issues.” I’ve also discovered budgetsheet-dot-net as a similar service. As much as I love the stealth responsiveness of a spreadsheet, compared to the slow, bloated response of QuickBooks Online, my current working hypothesis is that 1) Tiller and GoogleSheets is OK for DIY’ers that want to monitor their personal finances. 2) When it comes to running a business, Quickbooks Online remains a much more robust and dependable platform.

One thing is certain: Tiller Tech Support is inadequate for businesses. We can’t afford to have major problems with our accounting software go unanswered. The response time from Tiller support can take DAYS and even weeks.

So far, for me, it’s almost better, faster and more accurate to manually download bank statements and manually import into a Google Sheet.