Lost category spread sheet. The completed category sheet was substituted by new blank category sheet

My completed Category spreadsheet has been replaced with blank Category sheet. How do I recover lost Categories sheet?

One thing you could try is to look in your “Version History”. In the “File” menu, look for “Version History”, and choose “See Version History”. This will bring up a list on the right side of your screen of dates and times there were changes to your sheets. You can click on a date/time, then wait for the spreadsheet to update it’s view so you can see what it looked like at that time/date. You can click around to different sheets to see if the ‘old’ version of your Category sheet is present. If so, on the top left of your screen is a “Restore this version” button, which will roll back the entire spreadsheet to have what you now see on your screen. Keep in mind this will loose any changes you had made after that date/time.


Your solution was brilliant and worked. However I failed to name it correctly to save and it is lost again and now I cannot recover it using your suggestion. Do you have any suggestions on me finding someone who is proficient with Tiller so they could set it up and I could use it?

I’m not aware of anyone doing any ‘Tiller Consulting’, perhaps someone else here knows. As to finding your file, if you go to ‘drive.google.com’ and on the left side of the screen click ‘Recent’, it should show any files you’ve made changes to today.


Likewise, @marcusschaefer42, I’m not aware of anyone doing Tiller consulting.
Seems like a missed opportunity. :laughing:
Beuler… Beuler…

Hope you found your sheet. It is hard to delete anything permanently within your Google cloud drive. It should all be there.