Macros in the same Excel spreadsheet as is linked to Tiller?

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I am a new user (less than 2 days)

I have linked Tiller to an Excel spreadsheet I made myself (instead of the Money Tracker template). I have a question about macros. I would like to record a macro that I can run when I want to. If I do this, I need to save the file as an .xlsm file so the macro is saved with the spreadsheet. Will this break the Tiller tool? Or will it work ok? Thanks!

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:wave:, @Gebo!

I am not 100% sure whether it will break it or not. Some customers have had mixed results, I think. Maybe try it out in a copy/test sheet and let us know here?


If I make a copy of my current sheet will it still update? I’m not clear how that works… I guess I’ll just try it

You can link the copy and then it will update (you’ll get duplicates) but it will allow you to test without breaking your live sheet. Unlink the copy if it works and you no longer need it.

For the benefit of others, this appears to work. I saved as .xlsm file, and I added both written macros in VBA editor, as well as recorded macros. Macros work, and Tiller feeds still appear to be updating as normal.

So, for example, you could create a macro that reads the Transactions tab, and copies over each line where a cell in a particular column matches (like category or account number) to a different sheet. Example would be copy all your business expenses to a different sheet. Or copy all transactions from one credit card account to a different sheet.

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