Majority of Accounts prompting manual refresh - is this normal?

Is it normal for the majority of my Accounts to be slow to auto-refresh, and to be prompting me to manually refresh with the blue button. This is getting a little old - and using Tiller has become more of a chore than it used to be. I do think this issue is worsening, at least for me.


hi @Adam_B,

It varies. There is an “auto refresh” setting that our data provider controls that can get enabled/disabled over time and can change often and without warning. It could be that the auto refresh has been recently disabled for many of your accounts due to you trying to initiate refreshes too often.

I’m not sure exactly what causes it to switch and it’s on a per user basis. But there is nothing we can do to change, and it can resume more automated refreshes over time if that switch gets flipped the other way.

I realize it’s a little extra work, but believe it’s still less work than downloading a CSV export for all your accounts at all these institutions and then massaging the data to be the same format. :thinking:

So just depends on how invested you are in the spreadsheet approach and ultimate flexibility vs an app that might be able to make it the most convenient, but box you into their way of thinking about and visualizing the data :wink:



On that point, I find that when I initiate a refresh, it’s because the data is just slightly too old for me to catch up on everything. Typically this happens on Saturday morning when I make sure everything is caught up. At like 7 or 8, if the last refresh is more than 12 or 13 hours old I refresh before updating my sheet.

So that being the situation my question is, does Tiller have any way to influence when auto refreshes occur? I’d much rather have them happen from like 3-6 AM than 3-6 PM. Some of my accounts don’t even allow aggregators to connect during that time. For the accounts that do auto refresh fairly reliably that would reduce the need for me to initiate refreshes manually.

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Thanks, Heather. Interesting to learn a little about what happens behind the curtain. I’ll attempt to not manually refresh any accounts in the hopes that this will get some of them back on track with quicker auto-refresh turnaround.

FWIW I echo your sentiment that it seems as though syncing was getting worse somehow in the past half year. That’s why I opened to see who else might be experiencing this as well.

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Personally, I also don’t worry too much about Investment Accounts, Mortgage, etc…Those don’t refresh automatically nearly as often as your every day accounts like checking and credit - so it’ll say it’s been a couple of days or even a week - which isn’t a big deal to me as long as it comes in monthly when I’m doing a monthly review (of course that’s preference).