Manage Duplicates Tool: Crashes During Scanning for Duplicates

I’m thrilled to use the manage duplicates tool for the first time, but after several attempts would love help troubleshooting why it seems hung up on ‘scanning for duplicates.’ Any advice?

It sounds like the add-on script crashed. Sorry about that…
I just checked the error logs and saw a few crashes about 6 hours ago.

Part of the error is: (TYPE_INT32), "1/25/201" Invalid value at...

Is it possible you have some illegal date values in your spreadsheet?
Maybe start with a search for 1/25/201 (there might be more than one)?

If this doesn’t help, let me know.

Hi Randy, Thank yo so much for your response. I did a search for 1/25/201 and it didn’t find anything …

Hi @maryhood, I saw your DM. Are you trying to use this tool to remove duplicates because of manually adding historical data?

If so, it probably won’t work as it looks for a match on the description too and the descriptions could be too different between the manual import and the data fed ones for it to be helpful.

Otherwise, I would try filtering on the date column and search for the value @randy mentioned that way vs just using CTRL+F in the sheet, sometimes that’s a little more effective at finding matches.

thanks i’ll try those fixes. i don’t think i have duplicates in the manually added transactions - more what has come in over the last 3 months due to the fact I had an account pulling in data twice from BoA.

Strange. The error log entry could have been a different user but the timing seemed to match up with your post.

One other way to find a bad date is to add a column next to the Date column (column B in my sheet) then put this formula in the header:
={"Bad Date";arrayformula(if(IFERROR(DATEVALUE(B2:B),false),"",TRUE))}

Be sure to map the B2:B column reference to your Date column.

If a number isn’t a viable date, it should show as TRUE in the new column.

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Great news that array helped me to spot all of the blank rows at the bottom of my sheet that might have been problematic (I deleted them) However I just tried the query again and it’s still hung up - its actually running right now. Do you have any other advice? It still isn’t working for me. Thank you Randy!

Thanks, Heather. The duplicates are not from my manual additions. I think I had an account linked twice. I’m still working on a fix if you have any advice. I’d really like to be able to use the tool as I know I have a lot of dupes. Thank you Mary

Hi @randy, I tried to run the tool again tonight at 9:23 and it is still stuck on run. Do you see any clues as to why it crashed? I’d really like to make this de-duplicates tool work as my sheet has many duplicates right now due to bank info being pulled in twice. Thanks. Mary

I discovered some wonky behavior in this workflow when there are empty column at the end of the Transactions sheet header. This issue can be fixed by either deleting empty columns or by adding text to them so they are non-empty.

Sorry for the confusing behavior.