Manage Duplicates Tool issue

I was glad to discover this tool! When I re-added an account, 50 duplicates came in from the past year. The readme states that the older transaction should be kept while the newer should be flagged. This was not the case for me. I wanted it to flag the dup that was added most recently (by Date Added column), but for every single pair it flagged the original instead. I had to manually find each pair and switch the flags over.

Agree, I’ve been dealing with some duplicate problems and almost always want to flag and delete the newest transactions.

For me, the tool also flags a ton of false duplicates because I have a lot of transit transactions for the same amount on the same day.

Yes, false positives are a problem too. I wish there were a way to mark it as valid so that future dup checks don’t flag it. Or, as I’ve seen others request, a way to run dup checks over a specific timeframe rather than the entire txn history.

I think that it’s using the DATE column not Date Added.

Recommend adding some feature requests

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