Managing Monthly Budget with Savings Goals

What @matt and @cculber2 said…

The Savings Budget is a great solve for your electric bills example. We have a similar biannual auto insurance to @cculber2 and solve for it in the same way. We also build some large expenses (e.g. new computer) into our budget and the savings approach is a great help when those expense don’t hit in the exact month we expect.

I switched over to the Savings Budget this year and I do find the approach is great both generally and also for the example scenarios listed above.

That said, there are occasionally some categories that just kind of drift into large favorability or unfavorabilities and it can be hard to make sense of them. I think the solution is to just trust the budget over the year to sort itself out.

Let us know what you decide to do and how it works out, @dkushla.

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