Managing personal rentals

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There are a couple ways to leverage Tags in Tiller spreadsheets (Feedbot vs Feeds doesn’t matter with Tags cc @blake)

We just today transitioned the Tags Report to being delivered via the Tiller Labs add-on.

Typically, for rental property tracking I recommend that you have a group for each property and then create a unique set of Categories with an identifying pre-fix per property, especially if you want/need to budget for the expenses.


123 Magnolia St.

123-Magnolia Repairs (expense)
123-Magnolia Maintenance (expense)
123-Magnolia Rent (income)

You could also use the Tags in Transactions to add a layer of granularity, but the P&L only reports on the Type (income/expense), Group, and Category level.

You can find the P&L under Add-ons > Tiller > Business > Generate Reports in the Tiller add-on after you run “Start”

You might also find the Category Rollup report useful under Add-ons > Tiller > Other Tools > Category Rollup

You can also add Tags to the Categories sheet if you want all transactions for a specific category to be tagged a certain way and this is especially useful for tax reporting in combo with the Category Rollup report (as that report will allow you to run a detailed transaction report on only Tax relevant categories).

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