Manual Entry in Balance History is Not Refreshing in Net Worth Tab

Hi Randy,

Thanks for your help!

· You are using the Tiller Money Labs Net Worth template - Yes

· The manual balance change is not reflected in the Net Worth data for that account - Correct

· There is name of the manual account is unique in the Balance History sheet - Yes

· The manual balance entry in the Balance History sheet has a populated field for the Account ID column - Correct

· You inserted the manual balance using the Tiller Money Labs add-on – No, I’ve been adding the data manually into the Balance History Sheet.

  • Randy, this was an account that I had initially linked in the Tiller Account Summary. Initially the sync to this institution worked fine, but back in March, I lost the ability to sync to Thrivent Financial Institution. The Tiller technicians tried to connect Thrivent, but never could . I was told I could add manual data into the Balance History tab.

· The balance for the manual account updated properly in the Balances sheet – No, there are 3 individual accounts within my Thrivent portfolio. Two of the accounts show up in the Balances sheet updated and Current! The third account (problem child) shows it has not been updated for 45 days??? This is the same account that will not update in the Net Worth tab.

Randy, thanks for your time and help!!! Let me know if you need additional data inputs.