Manual Transaction Tool - Issue with Date

Having an issue with the Date the Manual Transactions tool inserts. The box enters the date into the Transaction Sheet 1 day less from the value you enter in the Manual Transaction Tool field. E.g., Adding a manual transaction for 05/20/2024 - Tiller will insert a Transaction as 05/19/2024.

Not an issue, but to help clarify the Manual Transaction Tool: Under Type, the options are Deposits or Withdrawals. These types only apply to Bank Accounts. For clarity, if you are entering a manual transaction for a credit card, the Type Options would be better described as: “Deposits/Payments” or “Withdrawals/Charges” to accommodate both types of manual transactions. This naming will be consistent with the Account Reconciliation sheet too.

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I am seeing the same issue with the date in entering Manual Transactions. For instance, I enter 6/2/2024 and it enters the Transactions Sheet with 6/1/2024. It’s been happening for a few days - I don’t think I noticed this behavior prior.

I noticed this also and thought I made a mistake in entering.

It’s a known issue with a bug logged for it.