Manually add transactions

Hello … new tiller user here. I am trying to manually add a transaction to my transactions sheet using the tiller labs manual add transaction feature. It will not work because in the account section it will not let me select the account to record the transaction. Please help … cannot use tiller without manually entering transactions.


Since the manual add tool is not working for you, add the transaction manually. Go to the Transactions tab. Insert a row. Add the applicable data in this newly inserted row.


Hi @waterworkscarwash,

It might be that you’re using an older version of the Accounts sheet or the Accounts sheet is broken/has errors and the Manual transaction add sidebar can’t access the Accounts list.

Does your Accounts sheet look like the screenshot below or something else?

I ended up starting over with an entirely new sheet and was able to get manual transactions working again. This time I do not even have an accounts sheet. I think that is what broke it last time. I am going to be slow adding anything this time so that I do not have to start over again. Thanks.

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