Manually added account updated for Net Worth Tracker

I have both manual and automated accounts linked to my Net Worth Sheet. I typically only update my net worth every 3 to 6 months. Between updates, it would be nice if the manual accounts would remember the values entered in the last updated. This way the graph on the tracker and the trends would not show very inaccurate data between updates.

Welcome to our user community, @jdbar.tx.

I updated the Net Worth solution a few days ago to automatically fill in the gaps between balance entries. The latest version is 2.12.

Are you using the Tiller Labs add-on to manage your solutions? In that add-on, you can go into Manage Solutions, check your version and also upgrade to the latest version.

Let me know if you run into any issues.


I join in early July so I think Im still using FeedBot (not sure if thats the right terminology here) … Is there a way to update from FeedBot to Tiller Labs?

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We’ve made three significant changes to our platform since you joined.

  1. Users joining on or after 8/26 are receive data via our new Tiller Money Feeds add-on. Your existing sheet is (and will continue to be) fed by the feedbot which is a backend service. If you create a new sheet in the Console, you can try making a Tiller Money Feeds add-on-fed sheet… but that isn’t necessary to get your Net Worth sheet updated.
  2. We launched the Tiller Labs add-on to enable users to discover, upgrade and restore helpful financial templates.
  3. We improved the way that accounts are uniquely identified in Balance History which affects downstream sheets like Accounts and Net Worth.

You do not need to migrate to Tiller Feeds (1) to update your Net Worth template, but you will need to load the new Tiller Labs add-on (2) and manually upgrade the account identifier implementation (3).

If you’re up for it try these steps…

Add “Account Id” to Balance History

  1. Add a new column to your Balance History sheet called Account Id. Select the entire column and apply the format Plain Text.
  2. Log into the Tiller Console which will trigger an update of your feedbot-fed sheets.
  3. Wait a few minutes and return to your Balance History. When you see new rows (from the feedbot) containing data in the new Account Id, you can proceed to the next steps.

Install & Run the Tiller Labs Add-on

  1. Archive your Accounts sheet by renaming it something like “Accounts Backup”.
  2. Delete or archive your Net Worth sheet.
  3. Install the Tiller Labs add-on and authorize it to run in your sheet.
  4. Allow the Tiller Labs add-on to “adopt” your legacy sheets.
  5. Go to the Add Solutions pane.
  6. Install the Net Worth Solution. This step will also install an updated Accounts sheet.

Create Unique Id’s for Manually-Created Accounts

Your manually manually-created accounts will require unique id’s as well to function with the Net Worth template in all rows of Balance History. For each manually-created account, perform the following steps:

  1. Add a new manual balance entry for each account.
  2. Invent and manually add a unique account id to the Account Id column for each account (e.g. an account called “College Loan” could become “college-loan-01”— doesn’t really matter so long as it is unique).

Populate Account Id for All Rows in Balance History

At this point, every discrete account in your spreadsheet— both feedbot-fed and manually created— should have at least one row at the top of Balance History with the Account Id column populated. The next step is to apply the new account id’s to all rows in Balance History.

  1. Create a new (temporary) sheet in your spreadsheet called “DeleteMe”.
  2. Unhide the hidden cells starting with column E in the Accounts sheet. You should see a list of all the accounts that you just created account id’s for.
  3. Select and copy the entirety of columns G & H in the Accounts sheet— Account Id and Account.
  4. Paste these columns AS VALUES into columns A & B in the new “DeleteMe” sheet.
  5. Return to the Balance History sheet. In the first row of Balance History that does not have Account Id populated, add this formula: =vlookup(D2,{DeleteMe!$B$2:$B,DeleteMe!$A$2:$A},2,false)
  6. Modify the D2 reference in the VLOOKUP() formula to reference the Account column (i.e. may not be column D) and row you inserted the formula into (i.e. may not be row 2).
  7. Drag the new formula down to expand and calculate for all remaining rows in the Accounts column.

Now, your Net Worth template should be functional.

Clean Up

  1. Select the Accounts column in Balance History. Copy the entire column and then “Paste as Values”. (This will replace the lookup formula— to “DeleteMe”— with hardcoded values.)
  2. Delete the temporary “DeleteMe” sheet.
  3. Hide columns E+ in the Accounts sheet.
  4. The newly-inserted Accounts will appear empty but it is only required to add rows if you want to apply overrides (e.g. changing a credit card’s group from “Ungrouped Liability” to “Credit Cards”). Modify your accounts as needed.

These instructions are new so feedback is appreciated on how to improve them.

Good luck,

@jdbar.tx, If you got lost in Randy’s steps there (a little complex for the Account ID part) you can review these simpler steps on the help center for upgrading to Accounts v2.

Thanks Heather and Randy … our of curiosity is there a benefit of switching to Money Feeds from Feedbot?


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Hi @jdbar.tx,

If you’re happy with your workflow in your existing sheet, there isn’t a need to switch at this time.

As far as benefit goes, some customers have indicated that they get their data updates faster when using the Feeds add-on than the Feedbot sheets, but we don’t have any data to prove this is true.